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Paris May 2005- yeah a little old, but we like this picture - since then it has been family trips to northern Europe and Alaska. Here are some references and information about our family.


We attend the Newport Ward of the LDS church. We have done a lot of genealogy (here are our family genealogy test pages for our McPherson ancestors), and have discovered that our 29th great grandfather was Edward II, King of England, our 59th grandfather was Heinrich, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. So why aren't we famous, too? Life is unfair.  Use this link to send family email to all of us at the same time (the server will track us all down wherever we are).


Jeanie works in admitting at Overlake Hospital.  She previously taught aerobics for years at the Newport Hills YMCA, has volunteered at Newport High School, worked all the PTA's, runs the household, recycles, quilts, knits, mulches, bakes pies, makes jam, cans fruit, and grows the sweat peas and roseJeanie and Diane at Wedding Nov. 2000s in the garden. Try her email -  Jeanie is past president of the women's organization of our church, and now she runs the church's area genealogy family history center.  When the kids got straight A's, they were just copying their mom.  The sign in our kitchen says Martha Stewart doesn't live here...but sometimes we are not so sure.  She had fun the other summer when she, Carrie, and Katie traveled through England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Last Spring it was back to Europe, and another quick trip to Germany in December 2005

we think Jeanie knit this sweater she is wearing in front of her high school in Moraga, California, where she was a cheerleader a couple of years ago. (photo by Carrie)  right, Jeanie at her sister, Diane's wedding, November, 2000.



Carrie Carrie in Egypt Summer 1998and Evan Gilstrap's son, Dallin, was born March 20, 2006, and son Thad in 2009. - check out evanandcarrie.comCarrie works for Hewlett Packard as an internal systems auditor in Palo Alto, California, after having spent several enjoyable years with Ernst & Young.  Carrie earned her MBA at Santa Clara University in June 2007.  She has traveled to Singapore, London, Houston, Germany, Paris, India, Cape Town, many trips to Europe ... you get the idea.   Summer of 2003 it was hiking in the Peruvian Andes with her brother, Jim.  She graduated April, 1999, from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a degree in business management, information systems emphasis.  At BYU she won an academic scholarship, and helped run the computer lab at the business school, and spent many weekends rock climbing and mountain biking in southern Utah.  Her college intramural volleyball team won the school championship.  She toured Europe with Jeanie and Katie during the summer of 1999, and studied two months in Israel during summer, 1998.  At Newport High School she won letters in volleyball (all league first team setter), fast-pitch softball, and was the captain of the State Champion drill team (which also was first in state for academics). She also played basketball, and played clarinet in the marching band.  You can send her email at    left in Egypt; upper right, Carrie and Evan's wedding day; lower right - welcome Dallin!

Katie and Jim Watkins live in Huntington Beach, California.  Billy born in 2008, and Bobby born in 2010!. They lived in Munich for two years, working for their European offices of their employers.  Katie works for Hewlett Packard in internal audit as a management report editor and writing trainer.  In August 2005 she received her Masters Degree in English.  She taught freshman English and graduated from BYU in April 2000 with a BA in English, cum laude, where she had a full academic scholarship, and was accepted into BYU's Writing Fellows program.  Then she took year off to work as a technical writer, while she also coached the frosh-soph volleyball team at Newport High School, and assisted with the drill team.  During college she worked at DHI Computing Service Inc. in Provo, Utah as a technical writer.  As an undergrad at BYU she helped coordinate BYU's efforts for flood relief and micro-credit lending in Honduras.  She graduated as the 1995-96 student body president and valedictorian at Newport High School, in Bellevue, Washington, where she played basketball, softball, volleyball, ran track, and performed with the 1995 and 1996 State Champion school drill team (first in state for academics also both years), and played lead in the spring school play.  Katie and Carrie played together and won the BYU intramural basketball championship in their division. You can send her email at  Katie and Carrie spent two months in the summer of 1998 in Israel at the BYU Jerusalem Center.  She toured Europe summer 1999 with Jeanie and Carrie, and has traveled around the world several times since.  left at Diamond Head, Christmas 1998; right - Jim and Kate get engaged.

JimJim_at_MTC.jpg (21424 bytes) graduated April 28, 2006 with a master's degree, cum laude, in information systems management from the Marriott Business School at BYU, on full scholarship.  Jim and Marissa (check out her blog) were married April 29, 2006, then off to Europe and back to Texas, where Jim works at Exxon-Mobil's computer division in Houston (where he interned after a 2005 trip to Europe).  Cambry was born in 2008!  Jim worked the prior summer with the computer services division of Zion's Bancorp in Salt lake City,  Jim tutored for the business school, and was a TA for one of his professors.  Check out his a web site and lost pf pictures at  He returned in April, 2002 from his 24 month church missionary service in the Guatemala City Central Mission.  Here is a map.  He worked in the mountain highlands, Guatemala City, on the hot tropical coast - Tiquisate (tiki-saw'-tay), in the capital suburb of San Clemente, and back to the coast to Siquinala. He says missionaries in outlying areas are lucky to have a stove and refrigerator, and a tile floor, which many people don't.  Send him an email at Jim's Eagle project (49k bytes)As a senior at Newport High School, he played offensive tackle on the football team. He has also played baseball, and threw javelin on the track team (3rd in Bellevue in 1998, competed in districts in 1999).  He was a straight A student in high school, the recipient of Newport's Scholar-Athlete Award and Eagle Scout.  Summer of 1999, he and his buddies enjoyed a Lake Powell post high-school graduation party. He likes playing guitar.     left, Jim and Carrie hiked the Inca trail to Machu Pichu in 2003.  top right, Jim and Marissa on their wedding day (photo by katie); lower right, Jim's Eagle Scout project 1998 (photo by Mom),

Shannon graduated from BYU in 2007, magna cum laude on full scholarship.  She lives in Huntington Beach, California and works at Lieberman Research Worldwide. But for the past year and a half she has been living and working in London.  Lots of European travel.  Summer of 2007 was spent in the middle east at the BYU Jerusalem center and touring Egypt, Jordan and Israel.  Summer 2006 was a Denmark, Norway, Scotland, then an internship at Protiviti in Santa Clara.  Summer of 2005 was an internship at Hewlett Packard in Houston, followed by fall semester in London, England.  Before college, she was a 3 year letterman on the Newport High School Varsity Volleyball team, which placed 6th in State in 2002.  She also ran track and played JV tennis for Newport, played club volleyball for Northwest Juniors, Wahine, and Mercer Island Thunder club, played in the 900-team girls tournament in Sacramento - the largest women's single sporting event in the world, and has attended volleyball camps at Stanford and BYU.  She was on the champion Newport drill team.  An outstanding ballet dancer, she studied for many years at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.  She has danced in PNB's Nutcracker and Midsummer Night's Dream, and attended BYU's ballet workshop, and the PNB summer program.  She was a 4.0 student at Newport, ranked as one of the best best public high school in America.  She has been on summer swim team.  She plays piano.  Way back when, she played on the Bellevue City Champion youth softball team.  Email - left - in Prague (5/2005)  
Warren is an attorney with LeSourd & Patten, P.S. in Seattle. wlc. try Picture at right by Carrie at Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco in 1998 - apparently Warren is a hippie want-to-have-been ... about 40 years late.

family picture 1992 - 48k Canon Beach 1995 Carrie and Warren at Oakland Temple - Nov 98 Dec 1999 - 50k girls in china town july 2001 - 99k
1992 family shot (48k) Memorial day, 1995, at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Hurricane Ridge Memorial Day 1997 Carrie and Warren (Jeanie taking the picture) at the Oakland LDS temple, November, 1998. Christmas 1999 the girls in San Francisco Chinatown 2001

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